Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiny Dancer

Reese had her first ever dance program. She takes dance from a lady in our ward who is just awesome plus she is 7 months prego. She dances in a dance company of women/mothers (4 are preg.) and they put on a spiritual recital for enrichment nights, I know we are not suppose to call it that but anyway...she had her little dancers do a number in between their dances. Reese loves everything about dance, the dress, makeup, hair, I don't know if she could get any more girlie! I was so proud of Reese! She did great! She even made Grandma Ogden cry (not really a surprise there!) I am not a dancer and do not have one graceful bone in my body...she must take after Sean! HAHAHA!

i'm just glad you can't see her face really up close because she insisted on putting her own eye shadow on and she puts it on right above her eyebrows!

Reese waiting to start the program!

Flower from Grandma. She was just as excited to get the flower as she was to dance! Thanks Gran!

We took a short trip to California during Deer Hunt..... I mean Fall Break. We spent a day in Disneyland/Cali adventure. For some reason I thought we missed UEA break and Disneyland would not be busy and it was October and so it would be a nice temperature...NOT THE CASE!!!! It was so busy and so stinkin' hot and I mean miserably hot and so busy you couldn't even get around! The kids had fun though! We also spent some time with our good friends Tony and Suzanne Davis and their 3 kids, which was so fun! Tony was in the same mission as Sean. Our kids really think that they are their uncle and aunt! We love them! It just so happened that the same weekend that we were in california, BYU played San Diego St. WOW how lucky were we! We met up with Tony and his brothers and all went to the game. We had great seats right in front of the aztec student section in the end zone. Good Food (lots of In-n-out, corn dogs at D-land, BJ's pizza!), Good Friends, Good Fun!