Sunday, November 22, 2009


So uh New Moon came out.....
My Myers side is a little crazy/fun as you will soon see in the slide show. Last year when Twilight came out we had a big party also with t-shirts/v-8 juice/we had ravioli you know the meal that Bella ate at the restaurant with Edward (see, crazy)/ we all wore black and red. It was really a lot of fun. This movie we were in charge of the decorations. We, Jane (MIL) Emily, Jill, Monica (all SIL) and myself decided to do Bella's Birthday Party. We sent out birthday invitations, had Japanese lanterns and white Christmas lights outside, lots of lit candles all over, a birthday cake, lots of pink roses, and we made passports (of course! they went to Italy). Aunt Rosie and daughters were in charge of dinner. She made Navajo tacos...sososo good! Aunt Marci and daughters were in charge of games....right when everyone arrived they got a sticker on their back with a name or something to do with the books written on it and you had to ask questions to guess what it was. We had a howling contest ( I know, as I write this I am laughing and shaking my head! we are all adults and everyone did it!). We played win-lose-or draw, that was pretty intense! and we had to label a motorcycle which I am proud to say I won and the prize was a fleece blanket with a picture of the cast on it! Then to top the night off we all went to the movie together. So much work by everyone went into this night to make it so much fun! THANK YOU! Now that it has come and gone, I'm not going to know what to do with my time now. Only 7 months 'till the next one! Better get planning!

Those in attendance: Jane Myers, Jill Thayer, Emily McGuire, Carrie Myers, Monica Myers-in spirit, darn Ohio!, Marci Gerhett, Hilary Rex, Emma Wright, Jana Patton, Rosie Reed, Roseanne Young, Jennifer Reed and Chelsea Moore

Thursday, November 19, 2009


My neighbor (Brenna Thomas Lapray..some of you Timpviewers might know her) gave Reese some really cute shoes. Apparently Reese thought they were so cute that she couldn't be separated from them. I mean really!