Friday, January 23, 2009

# SEVEN!!!!!

My little sister Sara is going to BYU Law school (I know! smart).  She just got back her first semester grades and she is # 7!!!!! in her class of 156.  After weeks of stress and a lot of pep talks from her family she finally knows what we all knew all along, she is AWESOME and smart!! and that law school is not just a hobby!  Way to go Sara!! We are so Proud of you!

Wacky Reese!
Our life has been turned upside down since Reese came into our family.  We sure love her!


Reese got some make-up for christmas.......
You would think by looking at her that she must watch me put on make up every day, which she usually does but I never wear eye shadow or lipstick!  How does she know these things?

Happy Birthday to ME!

Old! that is all I have to say!  Anyway, my super-terrific-wonderful neighbor offered to watch Reese and Tyson so Sean and I could go skiing for my birthday.  It has been a long time since we, I mean "I",  have been anywhere without kids.  We went to Deer Valley.  It was really, really fun.  While the film festival is in town the resorts are dead and I mean DEAD we had the mountain pretty much to ourselves on some of the runs we were the only ones going down.  I'm not the best skier so I got to really practice and not feel the pressure of the hoards of skiers coming down behind me.  Fun!  To top it off we went to Bajio's and got our fav Green Chile Chicken Nachos so so good and huge!


My cute instructor