Thursday, April 16, 2009

SLAMMA-JAMMA Spring Break!

We had a great spring break!  Probably more fun than Disneyland!  I know," impossible! "some might say.  But for us it was really that much fun!  We started out by driving down to the San Juan river, which is just out of Bluff, Ut.  We camped out Sunday night at the BLM river put-in.  It was freezing cold!  We got up monday morning and got our boat all rigged and loaded and we were off!  We took all our kids plus our friend Kyle Hooker and his 4 boys, so we had 2 rafts and a kayak.  We had just a 3 day permit but you can go for as long as 6 days.  The San Juan river is very mellow, class 2 and a couple of 3 if you do the 6 dayer but mostly just easy going mellow.  Beautiful red cliffs, indian ruins, and petroyglyphs that you can hike to.  The kids loved it!  I was a little worried about Reese, especially at night.  But she was the best and she slept better in the tent in her little sleeping bag in 35 degree cold that at home in a comfy bed at 70 degrees, go figure!  The weather was perfect!  Although a little cold the first 2 nights the 3rd night was almost a little to warm.  The days were in the high 70's, perfect!  We really lucked out!  SO FUN!  
Then we headed directly for Steamboat Springs, CO ( not even a shower yet! gross!) Sean and I love Steamboat, if there ever is a employment opportunity there we would go for sure!   The ski hill closes on Easter day but they have a great deal called" springalicious" were you can ski for $33! what a deal!  I conned my sister Amy into meeting us there so she could ski with Tyson and Sean skied with the big boys. It even snowed a foot thursday night to make for some sweet runs friday.   Reese and I lounged in the condo and caught up on the laundry from the rafting trip.  We ate at our favorite restaurants and drove up to Rabbit Ears pass where we used to snowmobile, swam in the pool (outdoor!) and relaxed in the jacuzzis, the kids played lots of monopoly and uno, watched a couple of movies, it was just great!  We will definitely do this again next  year!  Reese will be able to ski too! yay!