Sunday, January 6, 2008

Well Christmas is finally over!  The kids are going back to school tomorrow, which is January 7th.  That was a really long break for me, I mean for the kids.  We had a great holiday.  I think it is the first time in the 10 years that we have stayed home the whole time.  I kind of didn't know what to do.  I haven't had to make Christmas dinner before or plan activities to keep me sane.  We have always had cousins to play with and Grandmas to entertain kids, places to go people to see.  This year we were all alone.  We missed our families and just being around, close enough to visit.  The kids survived their 2 week + break.  We skied, went to a movie, ate at Chulos, went sledding, played in the snow, ate at Chulos, played guitar hero (which I am now addicted to) and many cleaning up activities around the house.  It is amazing how much cleaning up you do when the kids are home all day for, did I mention 16 days?  Now finally we are getting back to normal.  Cameron qualified for the National Elks Hoop Shoot free throw contest for his age group at the local level.  He will go compete with other kids his age in our school district on January 12th.  The most free throws out of 15 wins and then can go to the District shoot off.  Sean and I are getting ready to go to Guatemala (for me that means shots, not fun) the first week in February.  We are going with the Myers' to pick up little Kevin from his mission.  Sean is so excited he is speaking spanish in his sleep. For those who don't know Sean served in Guatemala and re- lives it every day.  He loves it.  I know, although he denies it, if he had a chance to serve another mission there and leave us here he would.   One more thing the new year has brought us, 9:00 Church!  That means with driving time we have to leave home by 8:35 to be on time. Please pray for us to stay active.

Christmas in Spirit Lake