Saturday, June 27, 2009


I don't know how this tooth got to be loose.  I'm sure it had some help!  We are slow teeth losers!  It took a couple of days for Tyson to get the courage up to let me or Sean pull it.  He wasn't worried that it would hurt, he was worried that there was going to be blood!  Now he won't have any trouble eating corn of the cob!

Tyson age 5yrs 11 months and 16 days old

Memorial Day other wise known as Cameron's Birthday #11!

Memorial weekend we went down to Delta and stayed over at my parents house.  They have been living in Springville for the past year so we haven't been down there.  The kids had so much fun rediscovering everything.  We also put some manly flowers on Kollins grave and then headed down to Milford to put flowers on both sets of my Grandparents graves.  We ended up in Beaver to go fishing. Cameron's favorite thing to do ever and our favorites place to camp.  I don't think our family have really been anywhere else to camp.  We love it there!  

All the kids and Gramp crossing the damn at Kents Lake to get as far away from other people as possible.  We sometimes can get a little loud, imagine that!

Birthday boy fishing! nice form!

The best Grandpa! always willing to get the poles ready!

WOW! what a group of cheesers!
Cameron, Amy, Reese, and Luke

Amy fighting with Luke over a fishing pole!

Reese.  just the other day the kids were telling me where they would like to live, Tyson said Spirit Lake and Reese said that she wants to live in the mountains!

Just beautiful
amy, luke, grandma, tyson, carson, cameron and grandpa