Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This year we had Thanksgiving at Curtis and Jennie's house in Blackfoot, Idaho.  It is about a 8 hour drive for us from Spirit Lake and a 5 hour drive from Delta for my Mom, Dad, Sara and Luke.  We had a great time eating, watching BYU football, eating, watching BYU basketball, eating, playing games and just visiting and eating more.  The best thing about Thanksgiving is shopping the day after.  We (Mom, Me, Amy, Jennie,Sara and Aleisha) were at it at about 5:15 am and the stores were packed already, amazing.   We were one of the first ones at Radio Shack, Jerry would have been proud.  Jennie did the best.  She got about all of her Christmas shopping done.  I have a pretty good start.  Still lots to do.  We also played a really fun game called Ticket To Ride, I think thats what it is called.  Hopefully I can get it before Christmas to play at Myers'. The kids were in heaven.  They played and played.  Allie and Carson would take turns on the scooter and Cameron would pull them around the sidewalk with a rope, running.  Cameron was complaining when we got home that his calves hurt, I wonder why.  Thank you to Jennie and Curtis for having Thanksgiving at their house to make it easier on us to come down and  to everyone else for coming up.  We had a really really fun time.   

Thanksgiving 2007

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Greasy Reesy!

I hope this isn't a preview of what is yet to come.  Our sweet baby girl smeared half a jar of vaseline in her hair and all over her face.  This, so far has been the only time that I have been thankful that she has so little hair.  She was so mad at me for taking it away. She cried and cried. Luckily most of it came out with good rub from a towel and a little Dawn ( it takes grease out of the way).

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


It is time to blog! I read everyone elses, even people I don't know. I love it. Pretty soon my right hand is cold and the feeling has left it from just sitting on the mouse. My kids are no where to be seen or heard. So any way here is an update on our family. We moved up to Spirit Lake, Idaho almost 2 years ago. Our family has grown to 3 boys (Cameron 9, Carson 7, Tyson 4) and 1 spoiled rotten but really cute baby girl ( Reese 1). Our family is now complete. When Sean and I first were married and were discussing children, our dream was to have 3 naughty boys and 1 spoiled girl. That is just what we got. Of course I'm kidding- a little. The boys are finally getting into the fun stuff like Little league and City league basketball. Reese is really into shoes and clothes. I know she is only 1 years old but we are in so much trouble.