Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiny Dancer

Reese had her first ever dance program. She takes dance from a lady in our ward who is just awesome plus she is 7 months prego. She dances in a dance company of women/mothers (4 are preg.) and they put on a spiritual recital for enrichment nights, I know we are not suppose to call it that but anyway...she had her little dancers do a number in between their dances. Reese loves everything about dance, the dress, makeup, hair, I don't know if she could get any more girlie! I was so proud of Reese! She did great! She even made Grandma Ogden cry (not really a surprise there!) I am not a dancer and do not have one graceful bone in my body...she must take after Sean! HAHAHA!

i'm just glad you can't see her face really up close because she insisted on putting her own eye shadow on and she puts it on right above her eyebrows!

Reese waiting to start the program!

Flower from Grandma. She was just as excited to get the flower as she was to dance! Thanks Gran!

We took a short trip to California during Deer Hunt..... I mean Fall Break. We spent a day in Disneyland/Cali adventure. For some reason I thought we missed UEA break and Disneyland would not be busy and it was October and so it would be a nice temperature...NOT THE CASE!!!! It was so busy and so stinkin' hot and I mean miserably hot and so busy you couldn't even get around! The kids had fun though! We also spent some time with our good friends Tony and Suzanne Davis and their 3 kids, which was so fun! Tony was in the same mission as Sean. Our kids really think that they are their uncle and aunt! We love them! It just so happened that the same weekend that we were in california, BYU played San Diego St. WOW how lucky were we! We met up with Tony and his brothers and all went to the game. We had great seats right in front of the aztec student section in the end zone. Good Food (lots of In-n-out, corn dogs at D-land, BJ's pizza!), Good Friends, Good Fun!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


So uh New Moon came out.....
My Myers side is a little crazy/fun as you will soon see in the slide show. Last year when Twilight came out we had a big party also with t-shirts/v-8 juice/we had ravioli you know the meal that Bella ate at the restaurant with Edward (see, crazy)/ we all wore black and red. It was really a lot of fun. This movie we were in charge of the decorations. We, Jane (MIL) Emily, Jill, Monica (all SIL) and myself decided to do Bella's Birthday Party. We sent out birthday invitations, had Japanese lanterns and white Christmas lights outside, lots of lit candles all over, a birthday cake, lots of pink roses, and we made passports (of course! they went to Italy). Aunt Rosie and daughters were in charge of dinner. She made Navajo tacos...sososo good! Aunt Marci and daughters were in charge of games....right when everyone arrived they got a sticker on their back with a name or something to do with the books written on it and you had to ask questions to guess what it was. We had a howling contest ( I know, as I write this I am laughing and shaking my head! we are all adults and everyone did it!). We played win-lose-or draw, that was pretty intense! and we had to label a motorcycle which I am proud to say I won and the prize was a fleece blanket with a picture of the cast on it! Then to top the night off we all went to the movie together. So much work by everyone went into this night to make it so much fun! THANK YOU! Now that it has come and gone, I'm not going to know what to do with my time now. Only 7 months 'till the next one! Better get planning!

Those in attendance: Jane Myers, Jill Thayer, Emily McGuire, Carrie Myers, Monica Myers-in spirit, darn Ohio!, Marci Gerhett, Hilary Rex, Emma Wright, Jana Patton, Rosie Reed, Roseanne Young, Jennifer Reed and Chelsea Moore

Thursday, November 19, 2009


My neighbor (Brenna Thomas Lapray..some of you Timpviewers might know her) gave Reese some really cute shoes. Apparently Reese thought they were so cute that she couldn't be separated from them. I mean really!

Friday, September 11, 2009

We had an extra long summer! The first day of school was September 1st, due to the construction of a new high school. I'm sure they didn't ask the mothers if this was OK to delay the start of school but whatever!

Myers boys showing their true colors!

Cameron 11yrs starting 6th grade!
thats right 6th!

Carson "I need a hair-cut" Myers
9 yrs. 4th grade

Tyson 6yrs 1st Grade!!!!!


And now the moment we've or I should say I've been waiting for.......dundunnana

Reese is only 3 and she won't go to nursery by herself, and I mean crying fits! but for some reason she has wanted to go to preschool......go figure. She has told everybody we see who talks to her that she is going to preschool this has been going on for a month or so, so I put her in! It's the cutest school it is called AB/CD preschool (the /= a lightening bolt like AC/DC so cute!). She is going with our neighbor Jonah. I took her for the first time, she hadn't met her teacher before or been in that kind of environment and she just went in and did it. I left and waited for the "call" but she did great! I'm on to her now! She has been playing us, mostly Sean, for a year and a half with not wanting to go to nursery. Not any more sista!
The biggest news with Reese is that she is finally Potty Trained! After trying, and trying for a year she finally did it and when I say she did it that's exactly what happened! I was going a little crazy! Yeah! no more diapers!!!!!!

Reese "stinker pot" Myers

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I don't know how this tooth got to be loose.  I'm sure it had some help!  We are slow teeth losers!  It took a couple of days for Tyson to get the courage up to let me or Sean pull it.  He wasn't worried that it would hurt, he was worried that there was going to be blood!  Now he won't have any trouble eating corn of the cob!

Tyson age 5yrs 11 months and 16 days old

Memorial Day other wise known as Cameron's Birthday #11!

Memorial weekend we went down to Delta and stayed over at my parents house.  They have been living in Springville for the past year so we haven't been down there.  The kids had so much fun rediscovering everything.  We also put some manly flowers on Kollins grave and then headed down to Milford to put flowers on both sets of my Grandparents graves.  We ended up in Beaver to go fishing. Cameron's favorite thing to do ever and our favorites place to camp.  I don't think our family have really been anywhere else to camp.  We love it there!  

All the kids and Gramp crossing the damn at Kents Lake to get as far away from other people as possible.  We sometimes can get a little loud, imagine that!

Birthday boy fishing! nice form!

The best Grandpa! always willing to get the poles ready!

WOW! what a group of cheesers!
Cameron, Amy, Reese, and Luke

Amy fighting with Luke over a fishing pole!

Reese.  just the other day the kids were telling me where they would like to live, Tyson said Spirit Lake and Reese said that she wants to live in the mountains!

Just beautiful
amy, luke, grandma, tyson, carson, cameron and grandpa

Thursday, April 16, 2009

SLAMMA-JAMMA Spring Break!

We had a great spring break!  Probably more fun than Disneyland!  I know," impossible! "some might say.  But for us it was really that much fun!  We started out by driving down to the San Juan river, which is just out of Bluff, Ut.  We camped out Sunday night at the BLM river put-in.  It was freezing cold!  We got up monday morning and got our boat all rigged and loaded and we were off!  We took all our kids plus our friend Kyle Hooker and his 4 boys, so we had 2 rafts and a kayak.  We had just a 3 day permit but you can go for as long as 6 days.  The San Juan river is very mellow, class 2 and a couple of 3 if you do the 6 dayer but mostly just easy going mellow.  Beautiful red cliffs, indian ruins, and petroyglyphs that you can hike to.  The kids loved it!  I was a little worried about Reese, especially at night.  But she was the best and she slept better in the tent in her little sleeping bag in 35 degree cold that at home in a comfy bed at 70 degrees, go figure!  The weather was perfect!  Although a little cold the first 2 nights the 3rd night was almost a little to warm.  The days were in the high 70's, perfect!  We really lucked out!  SO FUN!  
Then we headed directly for Steamboat Springs, CO ( not even a shower yet! gross!) Sean and I love Steamboat, if there ever is a employment opportunity there we would go for sure!   The ski hill closes on Easter day but they have a great deal called" springalicious" were you can ski for $33! what a deal!  I conned my sister Amy into meeting us there so she could ski with Tyson and Sean skied with the big boys. It even snowed a foot thursday night to make for some sweet runs friday.   Reese and I lounged in the condo and caught up on the laundry from the rafting trip.  We ate at our favorite restaurants and drove up to Rabbit Ears pass where we used to snowmobile, swam in the pool (outdoor!) and relaxed in the jacuzzis, the kids played lots of monopoly and uno, watched a couple of movies, it was just great!  We will definitely do this again next  year!  Reese will be able to ski too! yay!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


1) post rules on blog
2) answer the six "8" items....

8 Fav TV shows: 
1.  24
2. Life
3. The Office
4. 30 Rock
5. Law and Order- all of them
6. Lost
7. American Idol
8. Biggest Looser

8 things I did yesterday
1. woke up at 4:50 AM to go do Cross fit! ( my day, after waking up so early, is a bit foggy)
2. straightened up the house
3. did a couple batches of laundry
4. walked kids to school
5. tried not to take a nap
6. watched biggest looser and AI
7. went to the gym with Sean
8.  finally went to sleep

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1. seeing the results of working out!! I better see results soon!
2. rafting!!!
3. Jennie having her baby!
4. Jill having her baby!
5. Monica having her baby!
6. Emily having her baby!
7. Carlie having her baby!
 8.  Reese getting potty trained! ( this is really #1)

8 fav Restaurants:
1. Red Robin ( French onion soup! mmm)
2. Dragon Star (best chinese in Heber if not the world)
3. Bajios
4. Wing Stop! oh baby!
5. Cafe Chulo 
6. PF Chang
7. CPK- pear gorgonzola pizza so yummy
8. Claim Jumper (in cali)

8 things on my wishlist
1. be more organized
2. laser eye surgery
3. lipo
4. my kids would stop growing up so fast
5. I could run like the wind
6. go on a long vacation maybe to Italy or Greece
7. my house was clean all of the time
8. catch up on scrapbooks! big time!

8 people I tag
1. Monica
2. Jill
3. Emily
4. Lisa
5. Carolyn
6. Mike
7. Cheryl
8. Garrett

Friday, January 23, 2009

# SEVEN!!!!!

My little sister Sara is going to BYU Law school (I know! smart).  She just got back her first semester grades and she is # 7!!!!! in her class of 156.  After weeks of stress and a lot of pep talks from her family she finally knows what we all knew all along, she is AWESOME and smart!! and that law school is not just a hobby!  Way to go Sara!! We are so Proud of you!

Wacky Reese!
Our life has been turned upside down since Reese came into our family.  We sure love her!


Reese got some make-up for christmas.......
You would think by looking at her that she must watch me put on make up every day, which she usually does but I never wear eye shadow or lipstick!  How does she know these things?

Happy Birthday to ME!

Old! that is all I have to say!  Anyway, my super-terrific-wonderful neighbor offered to watch Reese and Tyson so Sean and I could go skiing for my birthday.  It has been a long time since we, I mean "I",  have been anywhere without kids.  We went to Deer Valley.  It was really, really fun.  While the film festival is in town the resorts are dead and I mean DEAD we had the mountain pretty much to ourselves on some of the runs we were the only ones going down.  I'm not the best skier so I got to really practice and not feel the pressure of the hoards of skiers coming down behind me.  Fun!  To top it off we went to Bajio's and got our fav Green Chile Chicken Nachos so so good and huge!


My cute instructor