Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last week I made cookies!  I know, I baked!  I can, you know, I just don't do it very often, but I can.   Last thursday I was having one of those "haven't worked out very good this week, might as well make some cookies" days!  I had the little neighbor twins, Zoe and Eli, come over and we made cookies.  It was really fun eating dough and watching the cookies bake, to the twins this was old hat, my kids were like, "you can eat the dough?" and "there is a light in the oven?". It was fun.  

waiting patiently

Zoe, Eli, Tyson and Reese
So, I was up at the outlets in Park City when I get a call from Carson.  I had left the boys home to tend themselves just for a couple of hours.  Well, he proceded to tell me that he and Cameron were goofing around and Cameron had knocked him in the mouth and his tooth was loose so he pulled it out!  What? I know, we might have a Doctor in the making, or a professional wrestler.

they were both fighting for camera time!

Tyson started kindergarten this year and I, I mean, he is so excited!  He was so ready to start.  In fact I didn't know how ready until I dropped him off on the big first day preparing for a little emotion, by him of course, and clinging, maybe even having to spend the first few minutes with him in class and calm him down.  He did NOT even look back to say good-bye.  It was Reese who cried and wailed and wanted to stay with Tyson at school.  He loves it!

Reese wouldn't leave Tyson's side.  
We are so lucky that we live so close that Tyson can ride his bike or walk to school.