Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The first day of school!
It seems kind of early to start school.  I'm not complaining, I'm just saying it seems early.  We are starting over new again.  New house, new neighborhood, new school, new friends. 
Cameron was so excited about school he was up at 6:00 am!  I even got up early, showered, dressed and was ready to go with the boys to walk to school.  I thought they would want me to go on their first day just to make sure they knew where to go etc... well I thought wrong.  Carson was very adamant about me going or not going with them.  I guess they thought it would be embarrassing for their mom to take them to school.  I saw other moms going, oh well.  

Cameron age 10   5Th grade
Cameron- 1st outfit
somehow his shirt had toothpaste remnants on it.
Cameron- 2ND outfit

Carson age 8  3rd grade

Carson-2ND outfit  
I missed taking the picture of the first one.


Tyson the KINDERGARTNER (starts next Thursday!!!!)
(Three down  one to go)
Brave Carson
Carson, after a lot of coaxing and bribing, tried the wake board!  You can see Sean in the water helping him.  It only took Carson a couple of times to figure out how to get up.  We only had a big board so if it looks like he is doing the spits, he is.  

Spirit Lake, Wake boarding, and Garrett?  ( i know! i didn't know he could do this either!)

Carson was baptized!

Carson was baptized and confirmed August 2ND.  His birthday is June 22ND but we had to wait for a time that both sets of Grandparents could be around so Carson had a whole month plus to practice being good.  He had to be dunked twice because a knee came up out of the water.  Sean did a great job.  I kept asking if he was going to mess up and say the prayers in Spanish.  I was a little worried.   We are so relieved you passed the Bishop's interview!  Congratulations Cars!

What a cute boy!

Father and son

one big happy family

Sean's feet should be a Chaco commercial