Wednesday, December 3, 2008

 I D.A.R.E. you!
The fifth grade classes graduated from the DARE program this last Thursday.  The kids had to write a report on the DARE program and what it had taught them.  The police officers and teachers read through the reports and chose a boy and girl from each class to read their reports at the DARE graduation assembly and Cameron was chosen from his class.  He did a great job!  He wasn't even a bit nervous.  Although I do have one issue to take up with Cameron.  Thursday morning he "just remembered" he had to read his report and "am I going to be able to come?"  and "I have to wear just a nice shirt, like one with a collar, but not like a church shirt and nice jean are o.k. to wear."  Well probably 99% of the girls had dresses on and most of the boys had on khakis and ties some were even in suits!  I fought Cameron to even wear a dress shirt!  I had to let him wear a t-shirt on under it so he could take it off when he was done!  What a Stinker!!!  We are proud of him anyway!

Here is his report:
The DARE program helped me to learn about drugs.  It changed my life.  It helped me understand how to protect myself against drugs.  I learned lots of facts about marijuana and tobacco.  Like that marijuana is illegal in the United States and tobacco has more than 200 poisons in it.  I learned that there is strength in numbers.  I learned that if I don't hang around friends that smoke or drink I will not smoke or drink.  I learned that the DARE decision-making model helps you in life.  I learned how to avoid peer pressure situations.  These skills will help me later in life.  I learned all of this in DARE, which is a great program.
Marijuana has more tar in the smoke than tobacco smoke.  Smoking marijuana causes breathing problems.  There is lot of nicotine in cigarettes.  People who do drugs get sick more times than people who don't do drugs.  Over 400,000 people die each year because of drugs.  All of the skill I've learned will help me in my years in school, and when I'm in college and have a job and a family.  I'm looking forward to it in 8Th grade when DARE starts for me again. 
All the skills that I've learned will help me because it helps me keep my body healthy and keep me from doing drugs and smoking cigarettes.
I pledge to never do drugs as long as I live because my Uncle was killed by a drunk driver who ran into him.  I know the sadness of those who lost people because of drugs and alcohol.  The DARE program will help you learn these things so you can be safe from drugs.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sean's friend Steve Hall invited Sean, Cam and Cars to go down to St. George and ride motorcycles.  Steve has two boys the same age as ours.  Sean was a little worried because the BYU/UofU game on and he had to be sure that Steve had the right channel as his house. Luckily he did and they agreed to go.  They had the best time even though BYU lost!  All the boys want for Christmas now are motorcycles (yeah right!).  Cameron really liked riding, as you can see in the video Carson would rather run after Cameron.  Carson liked it while Cameron loved it! Even In-n-out came in a very, very close second to the motorcycles.  The boys had fun reconnecting with Steve's boys whom they hadn't seen for years while we were in Idaho.  Thank you Steve for letting our boys have experiences like this so they never stop talking about it!  

Cameron all smiles


Carson having fun?

could a smile get any bigger?