Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Love Watermelon!

I couldn't get the kids to look at me all at the same time!  I love this picture of Tandi.  Look at the bite she is taking!  Tyson and Reese can't believe it either.
This is the first time Reese has had watermelon cut like this, I usually cut it is chunks and she never eats it.  If I had only known she likes triangle watermelon...

What a CUTE picture of Tandi!  I love it!

I don't know if Reese's mouth could get any fuller!

West Water Canyon
We took the big boys on their first big water rafting trip down West water canyon on the Colorado river.  When I say big, I really should say BIG!!!  The river was running at 10, 700 cfs, which means it is a nasty, but fun level.  Fun as long as you don't flip or fall out, not so fun if you do, just ask Kevin and Tyler,who had the worst swim, or any of the other kayakers.  Sean, Me, Cameron, Carson and Ryan Hamblin were in the boat and we took 3 inflatable kayaks each with 2 people in them.  Sean did a great job of keeping our boat upright!  Cameron, oblivious to the danger, wanted to hit every wave and hole!  Carson on the other hand started out wanting to hit the waves but by the middle (just before skull,  room of doom and the magnetic wall for those of you who have been down. I know, the names sound so inviting, huh.) he was getting pretty quiet.  The last rapids are called "last chance" and "last, last chance" after we went through them Cars was all smiles again.  We had a great time.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Olympic Park
We had a great time in Park City at Olympic Park!  Sean, Jerry(b-inlaw), Mason, Danny(both nephews) and Aleisha(niece) went down the bob sled track!  It was scary just to watch them! They got going around 70 mph!  The kids loved the zip line, alpine slide, and just watching the ski jumpers practicing their jumps and landing in the pool ( actually pretty cool)

Myers kids
Taylor/Hunter kids

Nielson kid

Of course we want rafting!
This was the high light of the whole week, for me anyway!  I beat an old man at an arm wrestle! Actually, I gave up first but since I'm a girl and I think we were in that position for at least 10 minutes I am claiming the victory!  I wish I could make this picture bigger!

Sara and Aleisha
Grandma and Kendall

Danny and Reese

Reese loved Danny! He would do anything she wanted which included racing her around the backyard in a doll buggy as fast as he could run, which is pretty darn fast!

Our own backyard water park!

Beaver Mountains
Cheryl(sister), Jerry and their kids, Mason, Danny, Brandon and Kendall (Aleisha was already in Utah going to BYU and working at Rafting) made the trek to Utah from Texas.  A favorite thing to do is going fishing up in the Beaver mountains.  We caught a lot of fish and had a lot of fun!  Thanks to the big boys for helping the little boys with their poles, Gramps can only re-do line, sinkers, bubbles, and hooks so many times.