Friday, September 11, 2009

We had an extra long summer! The first day of school was September 1st, due to the construction of a new high school. I'm sure they didn't ask the mothers if this was OK to delay the start of school but whatever!

Myers boys showing their true colors!

Cameron 11yrs starting 6th grade!
thats right 6th!

Carson "I need a hair-cut" Myers
9 yrs. 4th grade

Tyson 6yrs 1st Grade!!!!!


And now the moment we've or I should say I've been waiting for.......dundunnana

Reese is only 3 and she won't go to nursery by herself, and I mean crying fits! but for some reason she has wanted to go to preschool......go figure. She has told everybody we see who talks to her that she is going to preschool this has been going on for a month or so, so I put her in! It's the cutest school it is called AB/CD preschool (the /= a lightening bolt like AC/DC so cute!). She is going with our neighbor Jonah. I took her for the first time, she hadn't met her teacher before or been in that kind of environment and she just went in and did it. I left and waited for the "call" but she did great! I'm on to her now! She has been playing us, mostly Sean, for a year and a half with not wanting to go to nursery. Not any more sista!
The biggest news with Reese is that she is finally Potty Trained! After trying, and trying for a year she finally did it and when I say she did it that's exactly what happened! I was going a little crazy! Yeah! no more diapers!!!!!!

Reese "stinker pot" Myers


Loralee and the gang... said...

So cute! And I am so glad for you that Reese is in preschool and potty trained. Major milestone - Woo hoo! Tanner is in Kindergarten this year, if you can believe it - My baby! But it's about time, since we can 5 grandkids now... that feels REAlly weird!

McGuire's said...

So cute! Thanks for putting some pictures up!

Maren said...

Oh my goodness! All of your kids in school?! That is amazing! Yea for your free time and Reese looks so cute with all her school stuff on.

Donna Madsen said...

Love the pictures. I thought maybe you got lost, you haven't posted anything for a while! I hope all is well. Your kids are cute!

Lindsey said...

Hooray Carrie! All of your kids in school! I know Reese is just in preschool, but still! You get a little free time :)
Love the back to school pics. You have the cutest kids!

Amy Ogden said...

I love that Reese looks so cute and innocent. I think there should be a thought bubble above her head that says. "Can you believe all the crap I got my parents to buy me just by refusing to go on the potty" SUCKAS!!!!

The Myers said...


Amy Ogden said...

Girl you know its true!